To create this list and others like it, each year, we at Great Place to Work survey millions of employees in more than 50 countries to glean their insights on what makes them love the work they do, and to learn how their employers have created an exemplary work environment. We also conduct a culture audit to review each company’s benefits and people programs, such as health insurance, training and development, compensation, paid time off, retirement plans, and philanthropic efforts. For a company to be one of the best, we ensure that it must be a Great Place to Work for All—that every demographic group in an organization has consistently high scores on our survey.

为了编制这份榜单和类似的其他榜单,我们卓越职场研究所(Great Place to Work)每年要调查来自50多个国家的几百万名员工,了解是什么让他们热福建快三 —主页-自己的工作,雇主又是如何营造堪称典范的工作环境。贵州快三投注开奖我们还会开展文化审查,研究各家公司的福利和人文关怀项目,例如健康保险、培训和发展、奖金、带薪休假、退休计划和慈善事业等。我们要确保那些上榜公司对所有人而言都是卓越职场,机构中的任何群体在我们的调查中都愿意给出高分。

Since 1998, we’ve partnered with Fortune to compile its annual list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For. Over the past two decades, this has amounted to a trove of data on what employees experience when their company is a Great Place to Work for All—and how leaders can build one. We have learned great workplaces are not created through a particular set of benefits that are unique to a particular industry, limited to public or private organizations, or the advantages of large or small organizations. Instead, universally, a Great Place to Work for All is one where employees trust the people they work with, have pride in the work they do, and enjoy the people they work with.


When we started our research more than 20 years ago, our goal was to understand and celebrate what type of work experience was considered “great” by employees. In the process of that analysis, we discovered something even more powerful. The same qualities employees report make a great workplace—trust, pride, and camaraderie—also fuel business performance. Our research shows that the publicly-held companies that appear on the Fortune 100 Best Companies list have delivered stock market returns two to three times greater than major stock indices. Compared to their competitors, great workplaces win when it comes to revenue growth, employee retention, productivity, innovation, resilience, agility, customer service, employee engagement, and more

贵州快三投注开奖二十多年前,我们着手研究时的目标,是了解并表彰那些被员工认为“卓越”的工作经历类型。而在分析的过程中,我们甚至有了更具影响力的发现。员工认为卓越职场的特质——信赖、自豪、友福建快三 —主页-——也会提高公司的业绩。我们的研究显示,《财富》最适宜工作的100家公司榜单中,上市公司股票的市场回报要比主要股指的平均水平高出两到三倍。在收入增长、员工保留度、生产力、创新力、韧性、灵敏度、客户服务、员工敬业度等多项指标上,卓越职场都要优于竞争对手。